How to Develop Property Management Software like Buildium?


Real estate businesses of all sizes were faced with the task of maximizing their profits by streamlining their processes, cutting their expenditures, and decreasing the amount of time it took for leads to be converted. The use of technology offered one answer, which is one reason for the expansion of the market for property management systems (PMSs) and real estate management software.

Echoinnovate IT, a seasoned supplier of technology, is no novice when it comes to property management software development. We design technologies connected to develop a software like Buildium that give all of the features that contemporary companies want to maintain their advantage in the marketplace. Buildium is a property management software that thousands of property managers use to manage the residential portfolios they are responsible for.

What is Buildium?

Since the majority of businesses needed to cut their costs in order to remain profitable during the economic crisis, they were compelled to find more cost-effective ways to fulfill the requirements of their consumers. This is where the need to develop property management software like Buildium comes into play.

Buildium is a property management software that thousands of property managers use to manage their portfolios of residential and commercial real estate. This software is used to manage a variety of portfolio types, including residential properties, community associations, student housing, and affordable housing. It incorporates automated listing syndication, marketing websites, electronic leases, tenant & owner communication tools, maintenance management tools, and more to assist in optimizing and automating the most crucial aspects of property management.

Must-have features to develop property management software like Buildium

We will go through the most important aspects to develop property management software like Buildium and how they may assist you in the management of your property.

Features of Accounting

Buildium includes an accounting module that you may use to better handle the financial aspects of your business. This is a rundown of the many accounting tools that are included in the platform.


Track financial indicators in the firm financials module. It shows cash, outstanding debts, and net income. It also displays how your money is allocated.

General Ledger

General Ledger This ledger automatically updates as you give or receive money. Filtering and searching help organize and discover statements.


Property management software development has an accounting feature that lets you monitor bills. Buildium lets you see paid, due, and overdue invoices and pay vendors directly. Buildium permits bill markups. You may apply a global markup policy to all invoices in a given account.


Buildium’s automated bank reconciliation tool matches banking and transaction data. This helps you detect and fix issues quicker.

1099 eFilling

Buildium allows 1099 e-filing. It verifies tax numbers, tracks receivers with missing tax details, confirms 1099s were received, and tracks summary forms. Buildium lets you transmit property owner and vendor paperwork through USPS.


Shortcuts You can quickly: Write checks, Deposit money, Manage fees, Pay income management accounts, Paying bills, etc. Buildium’s toolbar has a drop-down menu with shortcuts.

Features of Business Operations

Buildium’s technologies assist property managers improve their everyday business operations and boost productivity. Buildium offers a resident center, communication module, maintenance management tools, and an inspection app.

Owner Website

The property owner portal lets owners monitor corporate financials and track property performance. Owners may access their account on any device, like tenants.


Buildium lets you interact with renters, owners, and suppliers. Buildium stores email and text message conversation records. You may also send mass emails and SMS messages to 10 people at once. Buildium offers customisable communication templates. Buildium prints, stuffs, and mails one-page papers for $0.80.


Buildium’s maintenance module manages suppliers and repair orders. This module lets you assign jobs, set deadlines, monitor progress, and connect with suppliers. Vendors may have restricted Buildium access. This lets suppliers amend jobs, make comments, and connect with renters.

Property Inspection

Buildium and HappyCo created a property inspection app. This programme makes checklists, takes notes, and captures photographs & videos.

Features of Leasing

Buildium’s electronic payments let you make and receive money instantly. Payments are handled in 1 to 2 business days, quicker than many property management systems.

Application customization

Buildium lets you construct online rental apps. Templates contain personal, rental, and work information. You may add sections and fields. Applications submitted to Buildium or associated listing sites are instantly posted.

Module Applicant

Buildium lets you compare candidates to locate the ideal renter. In the applicants area, you may categorize applications by unit and applicant and access contact information. After selecting the best candidate, you may add them to the tenant management system.

Tenant website

Buildium’s tenant site allows rent payments, recurring payments, and maintenance requests. The tenant portal may be accessed through the Buildium website or app.


Buidium’s ePay function collects rent and payments. Online tenant portal tenants may submit one-time or monthly payments. Payments are direct-deposited. Multiple bank accounts may be used to categorize payments.


Buildium’s partner TransUnion offers tenant credit and background checks. Buildium auto-updates screening findings.


Buildium lets you submit electronic leases to renters. Applicants may sign leases online. Buildium stores and manages all leases. Buildium’s lease templates autofill tenant application data.


Pay owners and sellers via ePay. All issued and received payments are automatically logged.

Steps to develop property management software like Buildium

In reality, the criteria to develop property management software are identical to those for any other management software: data must be kept in a database, users must be able to do a variety of activities through a dashboard, the platform must enable safe invoicing and give in-depth analytics, etc.

Therefore, to develop property management software like Buildium, the stages are identical to those of any enterprise-grade software:

The discovery stage:

Here, you and the business consultant and product owner will discuss the project’s needs. If necessary, a project manager and team leaders might join the process. This phase produces a preliminary work scope and an initial project plan.


At this stage, you get interactive prototypes of every screen in your future app in order to test user stories and refine your concepts.

UI/UX design:

This is where you can see the final design and evaluate the usefulness of the required features. The property management software development team finalizes the tech stack choices based on your comments, and you may establish your entire project estimates.


Property management software development team provides your mobile and/or web application and implements the required frontend and backend capabilities during this phase.

Release and on-going assistance: Here, the product is both tested and released. You may also sign a long-term support agreement for continuing platform maintenance and upgrades.

As a consequence of this procedure, you have property management software that is specifically tailored to your requirements and company objectives. However, this is only achievable if the property management software development team meets its commitments. At Echo Innovate IT, we have employed the software development experts that leaves no space for dissatisfaction.

Cost to develop property management software

Buildium-like property management software development costs are contingent on a number of things. Among these are the app’s complexity, the size of the development team, the location of the contracted development firm, etc.

If the property search app would also run the same set of features as those described above as well as the same set of the technological stack, then the cost to develop a software like Buildium would be between $83,000 and $1,000. Before investing to develop a software like Buildium, designing and evaluation of a minimum viable product must be done to ensure that you are on the correct track.

Alternative property management software like Buildium

Here is a list of property management software development like Buildium:

Rent Manager:

Rent Manager is basic real estate property management software. It is a user-friendly alternative to Buildium. Rent Manager’s customized platform manages large property portfolios. The program lets the user manage portfolios with configurable dashboards including financial and tenant data.

TOPS Professional:

This real estate software is for condo and Home Owners Association (HOA) managers. TOPS [ONE] is web-based property management software development that provides KPI dashboards. The user may receive a better financial picture without manually entering invoicing or rental data using the software’s automated financial statements. TOPS [ONE] also offers a customer relationship management (CRM) application for managing communities, properties, and banks.

MRI Software:

This software comes in commercial and residential versions. The user may pick commercial or residential property. This software’s lease management capability is important. MRI software manages commercial and residential leases. The software’s dashboard shows unoccupied properties and rent received and pending.

Rentec Direct:

Rentec Direct focuses on financial and operational issues including 1099-MISC e-filing, work order administration, lead monitoring, and automatically syndicating openings. The software now accepts credit card and ACH payments from renters. Rentec Direct’s Ratio Utility Billing (RUBS) lets the user input the tenant’s percentage or fixed allotment. The tenant is charged this ratio.


This software helps fee managers, REO managers, and asset managers handle financial reporting and renters. Propertyware’s Owner portal gives an overview of the current transactions between the bank account and the tenant’s bank account. In the Owner portal, the user may examine and manage rent paid, lease amount, and maintenance charges. Propertyware’s Reporting tool generates audit-compliant reports.

Property Matrix:

This software customizes property management to the company requirements to boost productivity and save costs via automation, reporting, accounting, and marketing. Tenants may pay by ACH, Visa, and MasterCard using the free programme. This eliminates per-payment fees. MICR-supported bank accounts can scan and print checks. Property Matrix’s Enterprise Class Accounting automates regular transactions, manages leases, and generates statements.

AppFolio: AppFolio Property Manager (AppFolio) manages commercial, HOA, residential, and student housing portfolios. AppFolio’s internet portal lets users see reports, make online payments, and change application passwords. The Owner’s portal lets owners to text renters for free. AppFolio synchronizes property data such as rent and vacancies on your website with software to improve marketing, social media, and blogging.


Endlessly, the rental industry seeks to optimize and standardize operations. They can monitor and automate back-office operations, property-related functions, and finances using property management software development. A bespoke solution enables firms to grow and develop unique designs and functionalities. If you understand the benefits of creating one, Echoinnovate IT developers will be pleased to assist you. Our software professionals and graphic designers will construct a cutting-edge solution, while our QA expert will guarantee its superior quality.



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