Offline Mobile App Architectures for iOS and Android Apps

  • Data stored offline where there is no editing functionality. For this, you can consider the example of GPS data where the data is being stored offline temporarily.
  • The users can edit their data offline and once they are back online they can sync their details. For this, a note-taking app will be a great example.
  • The users can edit other data offline. For this, you can imagine edits to an offline Google doc type application.

Trello’s offline architecture story

Application architecture without offline considerations

Dedicated cache service

Cache applied to the presenter:

App architecture with retrofit

The persistent offline architecture

How do you fix this?

Space for further optimizations

Offline — online sync: architectural considerations

  • How and where you are going to cache your data?
  • How reliable is caching?
  • How is the architecture going to handle concurrency?
  • Is there any safeguard in your architecture to handle the data conflicts?
  • How can this architecture handle the connectivity changes?



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