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Ever come across apps that can save lives? There are millions of mobile applications available to us ranging from entertainment, education, and healthcare purposes. Such apps can make one’s life easy and convenient but what about safety. Think about an emergency situation like getting fainted in the middle of the road due to low blood pressure, or suppose someone is stalking you late at night. What will you do in such risky circumstances when there is almost no one to help. So are there any apps for such emergency situations?

Yes, there are…

Life saving apps are intended to safeguard and improve our lives during times of crisis. Whether there are safety concerns, medical emergencies, communication challenges, or natural calamities, these apps can help when it is most needed. Because of the ever-changing world of technology, these applications are becoming more accessible on a regular basis, providing consumers with a powerful tool to use in an emergency.

Check out the table to see how you can save your life using our top seven life-saving apps in the list.

Medical ID

  • Medical ID apps can save lives by saving crucial medical information, including allergies, prescriptions, and emergency contacts. This information is easily accessible to first responders in an emergency, even if you cannot talk. It allows you to set up a profile with information such as medical conditions, allergies, prescriptions, and emergency contacts.
  • You can also add a QR code to your lock screen so medical personnel can access it easily. There are two tiers: free and premium, with more features.
  • The software should display your medical ID on your phone’s lock screen, allowing first responders to access the information even if it’s locked.
  • It has several benefits: faster medical attention, where respondents can access critical information quickly, improved communication, peace of mind, and increased safety for people with chronic illnesses and allergies.

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ICE- In Case of Emergency

  • ICE (In Case of Emergency) smartphone app is intended to deliver essential medical information during an emergency. The app will display your medical ID on the lock screen even when your phone is locked. This gives first responders fast access to your information. The ICE app is designed to be user-friendly, providing quick access to critical information in an emergency. In an emergency, promptly communicate contact information to first responders.
  • It has room for emergency contacts, prescriptions, allergies, and more. There is a free version with minimal capabilities and a premium one with extras such as a BMI calculator and location tracking.
  • How can this software help users? During an emergency, medical practitioners can give patients rapid care. This can be especially useful when you are asleep and unable to communicate. The app promotes improved communication by allowing medical doctors to speak directly with their loved ones. Knowing that your life will be preserved can make such situations less stressful.

First Aid: American Red Cross

  • The American Red Cross First Aid App is a free and practical mobile application for anyone looking to acquire or refresh their knowledge of everyday first aid emergencies. The software offers short instructions for doing first aid for numerous circumstances, including CPR, bleeding, choking, broken bones, and sprains and strains.
  • Improve your knowledge with educational films teaching first aid skills. The software has a user-friendly layout and provides quick access to information in an emergency. You may access the app’s material and instructions without an internet connection, making it invaluable in emergencies.
  • The app lets you switch between English and Spanish for greater accessibility.


  • MySugr is a mobile app built exclusively for people with diabetes to help them manage their disease. People with diabetes built it so it knows the unique demands of its customers. You may track your blood sugar levels, insulin intake, carbohydrate consumption, and other essential information.
  • This data might help you spot patterns and trends in your blood sugar levels. The app can help you manage your insulin medication by calculating doses and logging injections. This tool calculates the correct dose of insulin to take based on your blood sugar level, meal carbs, and other factors.
  • It has various benefits, like intelligent search features to build your searchable databases of places, meals, lifestyle, etc. One can also save and print data for doctor’s consultations. Aldo gets blood glucose reminders on a timely basis.

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Emergency Plus

  • Emergency Plus is an app created exclusively for Australia by emergency services and business partners. Its primary goal is to improve location accuracy for emergency calls. When you make an emergency call with Emergency Plus, it sends your specific location information to emergency services.
  • This can be especially important when you cannot disclose your address or location information verbally. This function uses the GPS built into your smartphone. Emergency Plus also works with what3words, a service that assigns a distinct three-word address to each 3×3 metre square on Earth. This can be useful in locating callers in rural or difficult-to-reach places where typical street addresses may need more accuracy.


  • Noonlight is personal safety software designed to help you in emergencies where you may feel unsafe. Although contacting 911 is only sometimes the best option, Unlike regular emergency calls, Noonlight allows you to secretly request assistance. Holding down a button and releasing it with a PIN when you’re safe prevents unwanted attention or escalation of the incident.
  • When a quiet alarm is triggered, qualified Noonlight dispatchers use two-way communication (text or call) to analyze the situation and, if necessary, notify emergency personnel. The software also works with Apple Watch and Wear OS devices to send warnings directly from your wrist. Moonlight allows you to include friends and family in your safety network. They can get updates on your health and even monitor you with your content.

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  • In conclusion, life-saving apps can be a valuable resource for staying safe in risky situations. They can frequently provide expert guidance in critical situations where emergency personnel are absent. They provide features such as location tracking, emergency contacts, and communication capabilities when a cell or mobile service is unavailable, which can make all the difference in a complex scenario.
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